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    I've been running 1.08 until 4 weeks ago when I had to get a replacement due to a bad earphone jack. The refurb came with 1.12 damm! and is hdwe rev B. I have no issues with the refurb other then the battery runs down much quicker now with the same usage pattern.

    I have not read many complaints recently on turbo drain. Is there a fix somewhere or are people just accepting it?

    Is it possible to go back to 1.08?
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    I have not noticed that much difference between 1.08 and 1.12 on battery drain. I thought "Turbo Drain" dealt with a corrupted firmware upgrade or a software corruption that kept the Treo in a network polling mode.

    Since it came with 1.12, the former is probably not the case. Turbo Drain was, as I understood it, 10% or more discharge per hour while it was "off" and you were not using it.

    My unit drops 2 to 4% overnight with the phone on. How much does yours? If it is near this, I would say you were okay.

    Daily battery drain depends on usage. Some days I go home at 70%. Some days I go home at 25%. E-Mail and Internet are big power users, followed by the phone and then PDA usage.

    What does your "average" daily usage look like in terms of minutes per type of usage and what is your battery usage at the end of the day?

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Battery Drain still here. Happens every few weeks and cant pinpoint why. I go to bed and it more than 80% . Wake up and its complelty drained. I hate it. I was stuck in traffic a few mornings ago and wanted to call my boss ( I didnt turn it on yet that morning) and it was drained. No Power. I was an hour late and couldnt call my boss.
    This has been every 2-3 weeks since the upgrade from Sprint.
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    Hi VaccPalm!

    Have you tried the clean install?

    Cheers, Perry
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    I did do that and also reinstalled the upgrade making sure the battery was fully charged. I definetly dont want to do that again as I have over 40 didfferent aplliacation to install and it took me hours and some I didnt have the passwords for and had to get them emailed to me . WHat an adventure that is.

    Is this the method that people are using to fix this issue???

    Thanks by the way.
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    No battery drain on any of my 1.12 650s. Sounds like user error/software incompatibilities.
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    Battery life for me is about the same as it was before I upgraded to 1.12
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    Anybody here running Chatter ?
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    Well I don't think its user error of software incompatibilities. I think its a ROM bug. I think something gets stuck in a loop and since your not messing with the phone it continues in that loop and drains the battery.

    I didn't begin to use chatter until months after the upgrade so that's not the culprit for me. I did an ultra clean reinstall, cleaning out the backup folder and DL all fresh apps.

    Once a month or every other month I'll have a 50% discharge overnight instead of a 5% discharge. Ive been meaning to talk to a doctor about that
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    I HAD tubro power drain and this is what I think.

    I was using a USB charger at the office and at home. I had turbo drain and woke up with a dead battery. I charged with the OEM wall charger until full. I restored wit hbackupman. I now use the OEM chager at home. I have never had turbo drain again.

    Opinion do not crucify me!!
    I think the USB chagers do not fully top off the battery. The Treo shows full when the charging voltage matches the battery voltage. USB is 5 volts at best. line loss can drop it further. The Treo spec calls for 5.2 v charge. I think the battery is not getting fully charged but show it self to be and it runs out faster.

    Quickly disprove me:
    1. How many of you use the OEM charger and have turbo drain?
    2. Go back to using it and see what happens.
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    My Sprint 1.12 turbo drain continues....but only when radio is turned off. My resolution is to just make sure I cradle/charge my treo every night.
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    I know Tem went around and around with this several months ago (Turbo Drain) and came to the conclusion it was no "one" thing or set of circumstances that set it off. That's why he thinks it is a ROM bug and why it has been so blessedly hard to isolate to drive a stake through it's heart. . .

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Ever since upgrading to the latest Sprint firmware, I've been having battery drain problems. Go to bed with 85% charge and wake up with next to nothing with the radio turned off.

    Here's how I fixed it - your milage may vary:

    1. I stopped leaving the Treo plugged in all day. Now, I get to my desk in the morning, charge till I have a green light, then unplug it.

    2. Following every sync, I unplug the Treo and do a soft reset.

    3. I leave the radio on all the time. Previously, I was using Radio Control to turn it off and on at set times.

    This is not the most elegant solution, but it has stopped the turbo battery drain. Now I go to bed with a 95% charge and wake up with a 90% charge. Last weekend, the battery lasted the whole weekend (made about 6 calls, checked mail every half-hour with Snapper) and still had 25% charge left.

    Worth a try. Good luck.
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    I gave up months ago. I just pop the battery out at night and during the day if the treo is going to be in the locker all day.

    There are dozens of alleged causes and almost as many supposed fixes. Don't let is scare you away from ROM 1.12. The benefits out way the potential drawbacks, a more stable ROM in general, better handwriting recognition and no phone lag. If it is a ROM bug it only comes about when the conditions are right. It doesnt seem to affect a substantial percentage and the affected seem to only report rare occurrences.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dlbrummels
    Anybody here running Chatter ?
    I was running Chatter but just uninstalled it a few days ago after another turbo drain. I've had roughly 4 turbo drains to date, having installed the update a few days after it came out. I uninstalled Chatter for a couple of reasons:

    1) I was experiencing a random reset loop when trying to send e-mail.
    2) I was missing way to may calls. Although I love Chatter's push e-mail, since I use my phone for business I just couldn't tolerate a large percentage of my calls going to voicemail (I'm on Sprint)
    3) I thought that there may have been a connection with the random turbo drain (most likely false), although my primary reasons are 1 & 2.
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    No Turbo drain on 1.12... but...

    Random issues such as this are infuriating though.... I had a reset problem that could not be resolved and ended up having to swap out the unit. I've found if you raise enough he!! they eventually give in.

    Not a lot of useful content in this post... but I'd shoot for a replacement.
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    Have you tried leaving your radio ON to see if it drains as quickly overnight?
    You can turn off the ringer or set your phone to send all calls to voicemail if you don't want to be disturbed.

    I never turn mine off - and the only time I have experienced "turbo drain" was with my older defective 650. I have not experienced "turbo drain" since, except to say that my 650 battery does seem to drain faster with the v1.12 rom than the 1.08 rom. (average was down to about 65% on a workday compared to 45%-50% with 1.12.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by

    Have you tried leaving your radio ON to see if it drains as quickly overnight?
    Whut up DJ,

    It only gets me once a month so...... I would have to leave the radio on for at least 3 months just to rule out the radio on or off question and then I still wouldn't know much. Its never happened with the radio on but the radio is always off overnight and when its in the locker.
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