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    disable network time and see what happens
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    I had Battery Drain and it was driving me crazy, and I couldn't figure out how to get back to 1.08. Eventually I ended up doing a zero out reset, reinstall all software (inclduing ROM update with a 100% charged battery, even though it still said it was .12). This fixed the problem for me, and it was really bad before (30 mins to lose 30% sometimes). Here is a link to an aticle on how to do a zero-out reset.
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    If anyone wants the original Sprint Treo 650 1.08 updater, I still have it on my PC. However, you will have to figure out how to get 1.12 off the Treo first; as the 1.08 updater will balk at updating a newer firmware. At one time, I believe, Shadowmite had a tool or instructions to this effect on his website, but this may have changed due to Palm's request. . . .
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2000 Man
    No battery drain on any of my 1.12 650s. Sounds like user error/software incompatibilities.
    Have you left the radio off and not plugged in at night? We have more than one with absolutely no 3rd party apps installed, including Docs to Go, and have had the drain happen more than once. It only happens with the radio off and of course not plugged in to the charger.

    I posted this in another thread before I saw this one. I happen to be at a conference in Denver and sat down today with a Palm engineer. We talked about the battery drain and he was unaware of it. While we talked he sent an email to someone else with Palm to report the problem. I mentioned this board and how many have talked about the problem. He took my name, email, and phone number. We'll see if he responds.

    I also talked to him about the Universal Wireless Palm Keyboard problem after the 1.12 update. He saw what I was talking about by using a Sprint and a GPRS phone. The keyboard functioned just fine on the GPRS and was sporadic and nonresponsive on the Sprint. He also reported that problem. For those, like myself, waiting for a screen rotation utility, he said that would probably not happen. It may be a feature in a later released Treo but would probably not be a patch released to rotate the screen. I'll post if I hear from him.
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    I have experienced battery drain a couple times, but there were all CHATTER related issues. I have not experienced any battery drain on fresh Treo 650 with 1.12 firmware...
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