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    I've been thinking about purchasing Pocket Quicken for my VDX Blue. All I really want is on-the-fly data entry for my transactions. Does anyone have any experience with this program? Is it worth the $40 price tag?
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    I've used it for the past year and not missed even one transaction. Vary easy to use. My problem has been that my wife refused to use a PDA, so I was the only one putting info in and needless to say things did not work out to well. This was not a problem with the software. My wife's job has now given her a PDA (Palm, oh well) and she is now using Pocket Quicken too. I have big hopes for the coming year.
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    I have been using Pocket Quicken for a while now and am very happy with the capabilities. It is very stable and links great with Quicken 99 or 2000. I assume it also works with 2001 but I have not tried. Yes the price is a bit high, but PQ is definately quality software.

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    Count me in as a fan of Pocket Quicken, as well as Quicken 2000. Easy to use and helps me balance checkbook to the penny every month.
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    What exactly can you do with it? Is it just data entry or can you use other Quicken features as well?
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    what additional security does Pocket Quicken offer ... more to the point how well does it protect financial info if you misplace your Visor - or are you at the mercy of the OS security ?

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    Originally posted by Confused
    what additional security does Pocket Quicken offer?
    The Pocket Quicken program itself does have a simple security feature that can be enabled. If enabled, one has to enter a 4 digit PIN number before proceeding. This appears to be the extent of the security.
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    I enter my checks, debit cards, w/ds "on the fly" and sync it with Quicken on my desktop, where I can reconcile my account, make reports, etc.

    security is rather limited, evidently, but if someone gets my visor, there are no account numbers--they would just know where i've been spending (or over-spending) my money.
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    Originally posted by DLPanther
    What exactly can you do with it? Is it just data entry or can you use other Quicken features as well?
    It pretty much is data entry only. One can enter new transactions, with Memo, Category, and Class notations. One can see ones balances. One can see their transaction history. However, only those transactions entered on the PalmOS device. Landsware has stated that they plan to fix this in a latter release. Other than that, there is the conduit, which will import the information entered on the PalmOS device into your desktop Quicken.
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    I heard rumors of a new version of PQ last spring. Has anyone heard of an update with more features coming out soon?
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    CompUSA has PQ for $29.95 this week. Probably ends Sat 12/10/00.

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