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    Hi. I recently bought a Visor Platinum, but have been using a Visor Deluxe for awhile.

    I found a Palm-OS software, a "hack," that I would like to install and use on my Platinum, but it requires "HackMaster," a shareware program.

    I was about to download Hackmaster from, when I noticed a lot of reviews -- mixed reviews posted at -- basically saying "EVPlugBase," a freeware "hackmaster" is better than HackMaster, but crashes when used on Visors.

    From my own personal experience, when I was using a Visor Deluxe, I had no problems with Hackmaster, but did have problems with EVPlugBase.

    I was just wondering what experiences other Visor users, or particularly Platinum users, have had with HackMaster vs. EvPlugBase -- specifically which one is better and why? and which doesn't cause the Visor unit to crash as often? (Or are there other "hackmasters" besides the two that are better?)

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    HackMaster was the first and most hacks are written using HackMaster guidlines. EVPlugBase may be prettier, but it's less stable from my experiences.
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    I use Hackmaster on my Platinum with no problems whatsoever.

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    Originally posted by ****-richardson
    EVPlugBase may be prettier, but it's less stable from my experiences.
    Same here. EVPlugBase not only caused numerous Fatal Errors while it was installed, but it also severely affected HotSyncing as well. I'm not sure why this is specific to the Visor except that it might have to do with the "tweaking" Handspring did to the OS. HackMaster has been very stable and a much needed addition to my VDx.
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    Evplugbase repeatedly crashed my Platinum soon after I purchased it. On the advice of this forum, I deleted it and have been happily using hackmaster without problems for the last 6 weeks.
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    EVPlugBase never actually crashed my VDx, but it really goofed up my HotSync--I thought my cradle had died. Back to HackMaster, no problems at all.
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