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    Just ordered TomTom5 with bt-338 and wanted to know the best way to install this app to avoid issues people are having. Anyone have a good step by step method for loading the software and maps? Should I use 5.0 or 5.12? I have an SD card reader so would prob load the maps on there. GSM 650 1.13/1.43 unlocked, t-mo, 11mb free.

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    Install to SD with any maps you want and other addons. Reseat the SD card and setup TomTom. Make sure you did install a map. it will be on your SD card in the filder named after the area picked.

    Then install the upgrade. Pull out and reinsert the SD card and your good.

    Just do not try updating before tou have TomTom working. If you do just delete all TomTom folders on the card and start.prc and cn.prc from the Treo and start over.

    Just get it working and registered before you update to 5.12.


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    I should install everything to the SD card and not the internal mem? Don't many prog have problems running of the card?
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    When I install to the SD card do I use hotsync?
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    I installed via my SD reader since I didn't have my hotsync cable at the time and have 5.00 on mine. It has worked flawlessly and the only hiccup I had was when I tried to run it without maps on the SD card. I put the 2 prc's on the phone and the rest of the files on the SD card in the /TomTom folder.

    What great advantages is the 5.12 update suppose to offer?

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    How large are the .prc files you load to your Treo?
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    If i remember correctly they were quite small the PRC's are a total of 94k but you need @ 3 files (aside from maps and voices) on the SD card in the /TomTom folder and they are right around 3mb. If you want a manual install them and use your SD reader let me know I'll give you a list of what files are where on my unit.

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    Turbosteve, Can you post it for the rest of us?

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    Sure, here is what I've got...

    Palm internal:
    Start.prc - 47k
    CN.prc - 48k

    SD card (/folder)

    Cline.dat 39.x mb (main part of map files)
    cn.prc - 48k (backup purposes)
    cname.dat 4,174k
    cnode.dat 12,773k (part of map files I think)
    data.chk 1,075k
    faces.dat 4,974k
    mapinfo.dat 1,336
    munich.bin 1,967
    poi.dat 7,620 (part of map files)
    setup.dat 1k
    Start.prc - 47k (backup purposes)
    tmccodes.dat (part of map files I think)
    traffic.dat 1k 1k
    xx_yy_zz.mid 1k (state initials, 3 pack here)
    xx_yy_zz.pna 1k (state initials, 3 pack here)

    Basically when you drill down in to the Cd's you'll see packed files by state or cluster depending on which CD your looking at. All of those files need to go in the /TomTom folder. If I remember correctly they are in CAB format and have extentions like .001, .002 etc but the txt file in there details what each file is and i extrated the files using winRAR and renamed them before copying over.

    Hope this helps.

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