I've been working on this in my spare time over the last few days. I hope you enjoy it I've been testing it heavily on my Treo 650 so no worries (also tested on my T|T3 and Zodiac, and alha testers have been trying it on other devices.)

Get it here: http://www.codejedi.com/manticore/bi...e-palm-003.zip
Website: http://www.codejedi.com/manticore/

Supports stylus-play so you can use the touchscreen; supports 5-way on more Palm OS devices; handles low-ram conditions better (suppresses some of the artwork); added simple intro screen with version info; numerous fixes (won't crash when you run out of levels , and added a few levels submitted by OrR (thanks OrR!).. and dozens of other little things. Should be solid and more fluid now!

Let me know what you think; and do submit level designs if you like, otherwise its a short game