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    Installed the Parrot CK3300 with GPS in my car last weekend, and it's truly a wonder.

    After BT flashing the Parrot with the latest driver, it's working perfectly. GREAT sound quality.

    Connects all the time, voice dials like a champ. Occaisional drop, but it's probably because it hears something it thinks is me saying "Hang up". Time will tell.

    So I start my quest for GPS software, and I'm getting the impression from this board, as well as the Tech Support at Parrot, that the single BT connection that the Treo 650 (sprint-latest rom version) provides, won't let me make it all work as I had dreamed.

    Does anyone have the same setup? (or regret ) Do you have a reasonable workaround plan? (ie, use the Treo with a wired headset while running BT gps with the parrot - for example)

    Would the Parrot work with a second treo in the car? One linking for GPS, one for Handsfree (If my wife and I were traveling together)

    Can I use a wired GPS solution with the Treo while continuing to use the handsfree features of the Parrot? (I was thinking of the Seidio wired unit)

    I know someone out there has taken the path already..gimmee a hint, please!

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