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    Product Note: Palm One Treo 650 Redesigned SIM Tray


    Priority: Yellow – Important update for Embedded Base; No impact to existing inventory
    IMPORTANT: No returns or exchanges should occur for this issue.

    Some users of the Treo 650 who purchased their device from Cingular prior to 7/31/05 may experience problems related to the SIM tray. If the device is bumped or tapped, the phone may reset or the radio could turn off. PalmOne has corrected this issue with a redesigned SIM tray which offers better contact between the SIM card and the device.

    Customer / Embedded Base Resolution:

    How to determine if a new SIM tray is needed:
    NOTE: This issue should only impact customers that originally purchased their Treo 650 from Cingular Wireless before July 31st, 2005.
    1. Ask the user to turn off the smart phone’s radio by holding the Power/End button until the "Goodbye" screen appears.
    2. Pull out the SIM tray (on top of the device, next to the antenna).

    3. If the SIM tray looks like the OLD SIM tray noted below, you may need a new SIM tray.

    Next Steps:
    1. If the device has the new SIM tray, and the customer is still experiencing problems with their device, follow standard troubleshooting and return/exchange procedures.

    2. If you determine that you have the old SIM tray, do not process a return or exchange for the device. Follow the steps below to have a new redesigned SIM tray sent from PalmOne within 1-2 business days.
    o Go to the website at
    o Complete the required information and select submit at the bottom of the form.
    o DO NOT return or exchange a device for this issue.

    Joven - Cingular Employee

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