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    I have been using versa mail on my treo 650 for some time now and have had no problems until recently. Now when I delete my emails then empty the trash bin it looks like it no longer does the synchronization with the server. For example if I delete the email and empty the trash bin I can then get new email and there is the same email again. The only way I seem to solve the problem is to leave my deleted items alone until I can delete the emails from my pc. So what am I doing wrong and help would be great.
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    Make sure that the "Delete mail on server..." option is checked in Options->Server.

    If it already is and things still don't deleted, delete the account defined in VersaMail and then recreate it. I've had that problem before myself.
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    yep that fixed it, hate to create a new account and delete the old one

    thanks for the info
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    Glad to hear it. Remember that fix - with VersaMail you'll probably need to do it again some day
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    does anyone know why vm2 wont sync the inbox? when i choose that selection it just moves whatever new mail is in my outlook to the treo, its doesn't add the new treo inbox mail


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