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    At long last SnapperMail has released a new version (2.3.01). I am about to give it a whirl. Hopefully it will resolve the worst problems (like losing mail on the SD card) and give Chatter a run for the money again (i.e., if you don't need push, or if like me you can use SMS and TreoHelper to mimic push). There seem to be a lot of changes listed. I'll try to post a "first impressions" list tomorrow.

    Here's to hoping for better days ahead!
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    I spoke too soon -- the zipped folder on the downloads page is empty. Hopefully Stuart will fix this soon.
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    And its not even April Fools Day yet.
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    He's fixed it...go ahead and download.
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    It looks like you get a little notification on the "phone" screen that tells you how many unread emails you have. Nice...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ksmith80209
    It looks like you get a little notification on the "phone" screen that tells you how many unread emails you have. Nice...
    Bad thing is after a minute or two (or change screens/turn off) the icon disappears
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    Very nice!!! The phone screen icon is what I've been waiting for..

    I found that it disappears as soon as you enter the SnapperMail application. I couldn't get it to go away just by changing screens or turning the phone on or off.
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    yeah where's the icon? Also where is all the other updates that will compete with Chatter?! Lame
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    It looks to me like the "icon" shows up on the phone screen (it looks like the little snapper "swirl" icon w/ a number next to it) only until you read the email or go to Snapper. Once you perform one of thise activities, the icon goes away.
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    It trumps out the mail icon for Xpress Mail. I don't get Xpress Mail new mail icons anmore
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    Only one app can use that "spot" in the Phone app.

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    What determines which email app gets to use it? Is it the one set as the default email app in Prefrs.>Default apps?

    If so then I'm SOL because XPress Mail can't be set as a default app (it's not in the pull down.)
    I recall when I was 'evaluating' Versamail the same thing happened. If I set SM to be the default mail app then the Xpress mail icon showed up in that spot. If I set Versamail as default it would take over. Is the default app the determining factor?
    Either way it's not a big deal. I don't really need the XM icon there as much as I want the SM icon becuase I have new mail notification turned off on SM.
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    There isn't a convention for who can use it; it's every app for himself!

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    - Backup/restore SnapperMail databases to memory card using shortcut-V
    or tapping 'V' key in the Message List. Saves you from having to setup accounts all over again if your Treo ever decided to do a hard reset while you are on the road, not that ever happens.
    - shortcut-Zero or tapping the Zero key on device keyboard shows
    date/time in the Message List, Message View and Message Composer.
    - Preference to allow auto-delivery countdown when device is in cradle
    - Hidden Preference to toggle Quick-Keyboard buttons.
    - CARD: New message content can be stored directly to card
    - IMAP: All synced folders can be set to 'Upload only'.
    - TREO: Disable flashing LED (Preferences->System).
    - TREO: OPTION or SHIFT left/right navigates folders in Message List.
    - TREO: SnapperMail adds a 'Favourite' button to the Dialer.
    - TREO: New message notification displayed in Dialer application
    status bar. this is neat


    - Improved Message Composer 'Attach from' support for third party
    - Tapping on email addresses to compose new Messages stays in
    SnapperMail afterwards.
    - Modified SnapperMail's X-Mailer header to reduce Spam filter problems.
    - 'Double disconnect' issue when cancelling Network connection fixed.
    - 'Goto' alert for new Message fixed.
    - Address lookup doesn't erase clipboard.
    - Issue with malformed HTML entities in spam Messages.
    - Moving Messages between POP and IMAP folder issue.
    - Spam decoding bug that could cause soft reset.
    - CARD: Changing locale should not effect message content store on card.
    - POP: Fetch first 40k, 60k, 80k options now work.
    - POP: Fixed issue with 'delete when completely downloaded' option in
    POP accounts.
    - IMAP, SMTP: Added CRAM-MD5 preference for IMAP and SMTP server settings.
    - IMAP: Several serious issues that meant spam messages could cause a
    soft reset.
    - IMAP: Improved handling of malformed IMAP messages so they no longer
    halt syncing.
    - IMAP: Messages with content on an uninstalled card are no longer synced.
    - TREO: Setting SnapperMail as the default email application is
    permanent over soft resets.
    - TREO: Minor issue with attaching Images and Videos from Media
    - TREO: Graffiti indicator stays visible in Message Composer.
    - TREO: Focus navigation fixed in Message Composer.


    - Messages with content on card are indicated with the Message List
    mail icons.
    - Minor improvements to UI and additional prompting for more complex
    - Unicode entities added to HTML email support.
    - IMAP: Preference to move IMAP messages to Trash when they are deleted.
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    I have installed the new Snappermail update. My first impression is that everything looks virtually the same. I'd be happy if Snappermail simply doesn't delete all my emails at a whim as with the past couple versions. Only time will tell. The one thing Snappermail does well is handle attachments of all sorts with ease. I'm constantly sending and receiving stuff using the attachment feature (ie: pictures, spreadsheets, Palm programs, Word docs, PDF files, etc).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chatter
    There isn't a convention for who can use it; it's every app for himself!

    I've found that whichever mail application is set as the default mail app is what wins using that spot. Although I'm sure apps can misbehave and hijack that spot, so far it seems they honor the default mail app setting as the winner.
    Set Snappermail, Versamail, or XPressMail as the default mail app and that mail application will display it's new mail icon. I can even change the default app, go back to the phone screen and see the immediate results of that app using that spot, displaying it's icon.
    Set ChatterMail as the default mail app and no mail icon appears there as I assume that hasn't been implemented (yet.)
    I've attached a screen shot in case anyone cares.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Charge your Treo!
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    I said I would post my experiences. Unfortunately, they were terrible. Now I get the "database already exists" error all of the time, which has on two ocasions completely prevented me from entering the application until I restored certain databases. The second time it happened my backup did not have one of the databases to restore, so I just deleted the app from my Treo. I like the idea of the improvements, but for me they didn't work. My opinion is that this release is not ready for prime time with the Treo 650. I hope others have better experiences. For now, it's back to Chatter and some experimentation with SMS triggers to see if I can get better battery life.
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    I too had a bad experience with the new update. I installed the new version yesterday. Today, all my emails got deleted with that same stupid error message I've gotten a number of times in the past. With the previous old version, it was actually running pretty stable with no deleted emails in the past couple months. Do you think this is too much of a coincidence that the next day my emails got wiped out after installing the new update? So today, I re-installed back the old version. Hopefully, things will be okay. Very frustrating!!
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    I haven't had a single issue. It works great for me.
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