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    Hey everyone, I've got an P1 GSM 650 (bought it the first day ) and I've taken extremely good care of it, the Nutshell case has been great. Well last week as I attempted to merge onto the interstate, an 18-wheeler clipped me in the rear driver side and slid the car into a guard rail (it hit the passenger side, thanks God there was no one with me, I only got 4 staples in my head, they would have been killed). Anyway when I hit the guard rail the glass on the passenger side blew out of the car and everything in the car followed.

    My Dell 9300 was in a Waterfield sleevecase and I was amazed that when I staggered over to get it off the East bound side (I was headed West BTW) it look relatively unharmed (one abrasion on the bottom of the case) and the laptop has only a small dark rub on one corner, the 17" LCD was AOK.

    Now to the Treo, I was wearing jeans and I had my nutshell clipped to my back pocket instead of my belt, well that did not work out too well when I hit the rail at 55 MPH. I looked around the car and couldn't find it and then the construction workers made me sit down they told me they would look for it. Shortly after that I was informed they had found my phone but it had been run over and they were looking for the back to it. At this point I'm thinking my Treo is hosed and I'll never see it's beautiful 320x320 light again, but low and behold they came back (BTW these construction workers where absolutely the greatest, helped out in every way they could) from the search with my Treo WITH A WORKING TOUCH SCREEN AND ONLY A FEW SCRATCHES ON THE FRONT!!! Well the Nutshell did not hold the phone in it for the entire time, but it did enough that it saved the device. I think I can live with the scratches on the earpiece (P1 made the ear bump just tall enough that if the device slid it would just slide on the hump where the speaker is leaving the device at an angle that would keep the screen from being damaged, I have to say this is excellent design, I like the Treo more now than ever), but the battery door was run over separately and now it won't sit right. I also lost the stylus in the deal and the only ones I can find to replace it are the stupid ones with the black plastic on them.

    So now to the point of my post (other than the fact that Nutshell and Waterfield ROCK for electronic protection, and Dell and Palm apparently build tanks when they sell to me) I am looking on eBay for a battery door and a OEM stylus and I am having very little luck with the door, but NO luck with the metal stylus. I just thought I'd toss this out here to see if any fellow Treoers might have some extra pieces by some strange twist of fate that they would not mind selling me. I would give $25 for the battery door and $10 for the stylus, but I don't want to pay the eBay $15.00 shipping that sellers like to charge.

    So if anyone can help ol' Fry out I would sure appreciate it, or if you have been in a similar situation and found a solution (maybe calling P1, I haven' decided I want to waste time talking to them unless they can actually sell me the parts) I once again would appreciate it very much.

    One more thing... WEAR YOUR SEATBELTS!!! I was the ONLY thing that stayed in the car and it was just the grace of God that allowed the passenger side airbag to slam me back down after I was headed out of the car.

    Thanks for reading and thanks even more for any help.
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    Sorry to hear about your encounter. Did you check out Seidio?
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    I can't help you with the battery door but I do have an extra OEM stylus that I can send cost! Regards!
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    Glad you're ok, Fry. Cool that the tech toys survived as well. Wish I had the parts you needed so I could donate 'em to ya.
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    Glad to hear you weren't seriously hurt. As for the stylus or battery cover... can't help you there.
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    WOW! Thanks for the replys folks! dbradley are you sure you don't at least want shipping or can you just drop it in an envelope? Man that's just too cool. I'll send you a PM with my address, thanks so much for the quick reply, I'm so tired of having to use my fingertip!
    Thanks so much.
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    No problem.....just glad you're OK and glad I could help!
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    Quote Originally Posted by naivete
    Sorry to hear about your encounter. Did you check out Seidio?
    Thanks for the link, they do list the battery door, but I don't get any results when I click the link. I'll check back later and see if it's just a problem with the site.

    PS dbradley, PM sent; thanks once again!
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    Fry-man, stylus will go out USPS today!
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    Maybe the seidio guys will give you some kind of deal for one of their upcoming replacment doors that is suppose to be coming out this week or next... see the door cover thread @
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    Wow! Better the Treo to have been ejected than you. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    Quote Originally Posted by patord
    Maybe the seidio guys will give you some kind of deal for one of their upcoming replacment doors that is suppose to be coming out this week or next... see the door cover thread @
    The pics don't tell much but it will be worth checking out, I think I'll get one of each if the price is really going to be <$13. Thanks for the link.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    Wow! Better the Treo to have been ejected than you.
    Ha! Without a doubt, the Treo weathered the storm much better than I would have. Can't just pick up and OEM right leg from a buddy on the web !

    I was just amazed at the fact the dang thing still works, much less in decent shape. I rubbed some Doc Martin boot stuff on the Nutshell and you can't even tel anything happened to it. Like I said I will swear by Nutshell and Waterfield for cases and Palm and Dell for electronics after this.
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    Glad to hear you are OK. I just got a couple of questions for ya. 1) What kinda car/ truck were you driving? 2) You said you were merging on to the interstate got clipped on the rear driver side, so did you hit the center rail or the outbound rail? You should also post this to the Haggard Treo thread, with a story like yours you could win an easy ten bucks, that should cover shipping for a battery door.
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    I was in a little '99 Nissan Altima. When he and I got together on the back driver side it pushed the rear of the car forward, this left me in about a 35 degree slide to the passenger side because it turned my forward momentum into forward momentum at an angle, the car was just sliding like on ice, turning in the direction of the skid did nothing. The next thing I knew I had made my way off the left side of the West bound interstate at the same 35 angle (when I say that I mean that 0 degrees would have been going straight with the road) and that was when I met that rail up close and personal with the right side of the car.

    Well, how bout some pics?

    Here is the guard rail I hit. Note the Red paint, you will recognize that same shade in the next pic

    Here is where the red came from. All this was from the guard rail. There was no glass in the passenger windows and the back glass blew out as well. Followed by all my stuff

    And here I am after going to see the car at the wreck shop, not too much the worse for wear, but looking pretty rough.

    It was a wild ride...
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    Send me contact info, I have a 600 stylus and SIM tray as well, if you need it.
    I live off near the 40, you could say...24/40.

    No shipping, no charge, dude. Just glad you're OK. My mother's been an ER tech and now admin for 27+ years. Most people don't survive what you did.
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    Thanks so much Verbatim, I already have one coming and I don't want to take more than my far share of the generosity here. The SIM tray actually stayed in the phone. Not the SD card; all good though. I had just switched the 128MB SD card (free one) with the 16 MB that came with my SD300 and I'm glad I did. That was easier to take than the stylus .

    I do realize how blessed I was to walk away from it. I do mean walk, the 4 staples are the only thing I had to suffer though. I got to say though, those things going in my noggin hurt like CRAZY even with the shots to deaden it.
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    I hear ya

    You ever need it, though, just holler.
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    Damn dude, gnarly, I guess it wasn't your time to go!

    A semi got me once but not as bad as you! It was about 6 years ago and I was sitting at a red light in the right hand lane of a 4 lane road in Dallas(I think it was near the intersection of Midway and Alpha, maybe a road west of Midway, with me driving east on Alpha). There was a semi next to me on my left, with trailer and all. Just sitting there at the light minding my own business, listening to some tunes, "ain't botherin' nobody". Next thing I hear, is the turbos spooling up on the rig next to me, I pay it no attention for the first half second, then the whole semi lurches forward. I think to myself, this guy is going to run the RED LIGHT!! Then I see the front wheels turn with the front of the tires going in a right-hander motion. Now the brain is WTF!! Followed by HOLY S***. I see the cab of the truck taking a right, by now he is out to the first lane on another road with four lanes. All the while I am rapidly losing precious space to the trailer on my left side. Then I heard this crunch, I look in the driver side mirror, before it gets crushed, to see this set of wheels on the trailer, crawling up the side of my car. Now, I am thinking, oh well what can I do now, I am along for the ride. As I am on this ride I feel it is OK to look around and see what is going on. Did not take long to find the Tele pole on my right!! Well since the wheels of the trailer are crawling up the side of my car, this is causing my car skid to the right, towards said pole. Well this all lasted about 15 secs.. Needless to say the car was totaled, by being run over by 4 of the 18 wheels on a semi. The wheels got the driver's side and the passenger side was done in by the trailer pinning me up against Tele pole.

    Car-1998 Ford Probe
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    Sorry I can't help you with the spare parts dude, but I'm glad you're ok!!
    You had your guardian angel workin' overtime!

    Hope you get your Treo fixed (and get a nice new car too)

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