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    I'm now getting the common jack problem that people get (i.e.: the phone thinks a headset is plugged in when it isn't).

    I've searched the forums and I guess the fix is to open the Treo up and reconnect any broken solder connections. Two questions:

    1) Is that still the fix for this problem, or has something new been come up with?

    2) Are there any pictures available that illustrate the steps needed to performn this fix? At the very least a picture of what a working jack looks like so I can have some basis for comparison? I found 5 different threads on this topic, but none with pictures.

    Also, any advice or tips for this endeavor would be appreciated.

    Unlocked GSM Palm 650.
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    I don't think the solder solution is a consumer level fix. If you have broken connector, then the phone should be warrantied. I think the solution I read about was to insert the headset repeatedly and remove it until the phone realized it was removed. I think what happens is the little switch in the barrel with the plug gets stuck when the plug is removed and you just need to unstick it. Try putting the headset in and rotating the plug and see if you can get it to turn loose. Good luck.
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    Okay, that worked. I finally got the phone to, er, um.. jack off.
    Unlocked GSM Palm 650.
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    You had to go and drag my mind in the gutter ! I guess those instructions could apply to address a number of issues . Glad it worked.
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    okay, the headphone in and out doesn't work for me. it did in the beginning, but the phone started thinking the jack was plugged in all by itself. I even put tape over the hole just to keep debris out, but it still happened. now it permenantly thinks the headset is plugged in the jack. this is a used phone, out of warranty.

    I saw another thread where a guy opened his phone, adjusted a few contacts with a needle, and success. any info/pics would be great.
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    I am days away from posting a fix. Basically disables the mechanical switch. The electrical switch takes over.
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