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    I got it specifially because of the audio jack on the back.

    Anyway trick to this thing?

    When it's plugged in it still plays thru speaker and sends nothing to the connected speakers!

    Any help would be helpful
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    You may need this:

    It's an impedance issue with the innodock cradle. Works ok with the speakers I have though.
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    I bought one on ebay, one of the prongs (left one) broke off, how do I get it serviced? any ideas. BTW the audio jack works just fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scottymomo
    You may need this:

    It's an impedance issue with the innodock cradle. Works ok with the speakers I have though.
    Thank you, I just ordered it. If it's an impedance issue it's probably excerbated by the fact I've got "y" splitters on the speaker lines!

    Kinda sucks tho, but the cradle is a good one, so adding another 15$ is OK I guess.

    Thanks again
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    I have one and it works just fine with the Seidio impredence adapter.
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    I had the same problem.

    I found a $5 inline volume control from Radio Shack that solved my problem. It'll be just a tad cheaper than the Seidio solution.
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    You would think that the company would give some sort of instructions with it that would tell you about the impedance problem. I have had mine for 5 days and now it will not sync with my computer, but it will still charge it.
    Additionally you would think that the person who did the review for TreoCentral would mention it also. I sent him a personal message asking him if he even tried the stereo jack.
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    just sent the msg to Seidio.. You guys have any thoughts ?>>>>>>>>
    >> I have a question. I just purchased your 2100M car kit for my Sprint Treo 650. I want to attach it to my line-out on my Alpine CDA-9827. I use the line-out (AUX on the radio display) cable to plug into my laptop's speaker jack so I can listen to Delorme Street Atlas GPS system (for the PC) though my car stereo. This setup works great, I use it every day. I bought the 2100M car kit thinking I could use the onboard audio connection so I can listen to my Treo 650 though the car stereo. It doesn't work for me. I have the Monster cable coming out of the radio, I purchased from Radio Shack p/n 274-373 Stereo to Stereo Audio Adapter (Accepts 1/8 inch phone plug, Fits 3/32 inch phone jack). I then plug one end of the adapter to the Monster cable the other end into Audio jack of your 2100M.

    What happens is that with the Treo in the cradle, I see that the Treo is getting charged, but when I put the radio on AUX I don't hear anything coming out the my car stereo. On the Treo it shows the 'Hang Up' icon and the 'Spkr-phone' icon and the 'Hold' icon while I am listening to my voicemail. Now when I remove the AUX line from the 2100M and I plug in the ear piece that came with the kit I hear the phone fine from the ear piece in my ear. What I also notice is that the phone shows 'Hang up' icon and 'Hold' icon when I check my voice mail again. The 'Spkr-phone' icon was missing. I also tried it again with turning off the Bluetooth feature of the phone. I have a wireless bluetooth headset that I use. I thought that it might be causing the problem. But turning off the Bluetooth did nothing.
    ..........thanks TJ

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