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    Ok so i havent put any new software on or taken any off in like a month... Now when i get a notice of a text (sms) message and i click on it it resets my tero... This is getting very annoying due to the fact that i get about 100 - 150 messages a day... Any have any suggestions.. IM running a sprint 650 with the 1.12 or whatever the lastest is... i dont know what to do other then throw this thing through a wall...
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    A couple of times in the past I've gotten a similar problem after getting off a plane and turning my phone back on, causing a number of text messages to arrive at the same time. The database somehow got corrupted and reset the phone. I could not retrieve the messages yet the phone's main screen was still showing that they were unread in the DB.

    After much experimentation I finally found that I could clear the problem using FileZ and deleting the "Messages Database" file. The file got recreated automatically by the SMS application and everything was as before. I would recommend re-synching after recreating the file.

    Best of luck...

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    Thanks man ill go out and find Filez right now and give it a try..

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