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  • Keep ports covered, I'll cut them out if I want to.

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  • Have ports already cut out, SD, IR, earpiece.

    3 75.00%
  • Recessed button would be bad!

    1 25.00%
  • Recessed button would be good.

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    What hopes do you have for the Seidio skin/holster?

    Seidio is making a Skin holster combo for the Treo. I tried the Speck Skin-Tight But found the holster to be cheap junk, the button hard to push and the skin to be misshapen after a few weeks.

    I hope the buttons wont be recessed. By this I mean there wont be a pocket inside the skin for a button to fit into. The boxwave silicon skin doesn't have recessed buttons and its very easy to use.

    I hope the ear piece is covered. The boxwave skin had its earpiece uncovered and since it sticks out, it gets scratched up. The speck case had its earpiece covered with small holes cut out so you could still here, it worked perfect.

    I hope the SD slot is covered. Many of us have lost our SD cards once or twice. Its easy to cut out the SD slot if desired.

    I hope the hard buttons and d-pad (5-way) are covered. The ZCover had the d-pad uncovered so the skin sat at about the same level as the d-pad making it hard to use the 4 way directional.

    I hope they make the holster as strong and well designed as their other holsters. Virtually unbreakable
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    I wouldn't mind if Seidio came out with a holster that would accept other skins. I like the Sena Leather skin. I'm not sold on the rubber skins that cover the navigation button, phone buttons, etc.
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    As much noise as there was about the Speck case and nothing on this one, I'm shocked

    Well I'm siked about it. The Speck case was a great idea (skin in a holster!) But the holster was junk. However, Seidio makes great holsters so its bound to be popular

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