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    I did a search, but didn't come across anything obvious that does what I'm looking for. Right now, I keep a tablet of paper next to my landline phone at work, and, when I check my work voicemail (not my Treo voicemail), I jot down the caller, the caller's phone number, and a few brief comments about the call. I then scratch off the calls as I return them. If I go on the road, I take that tablet with me.

    Is there something out there for the Treo that would let me integrate my Treo into this. Namely . . .

    1. Enter the above call info on my work computer as I check my work (non-Treo) voicemail, into a list of phone calls that I need to return.

    2. Sync that list from my work computer to my Treo.

    3. Allow me to tap on the number to dial from Treo while on the road.

    4. Mark calls as "returned" or "done" on my Treo, so when I resync the list and sit down at my computer, I know the call was returned.

    Maybe there isn't dedicated software that does this, but can anyone think of a nice workaround? Maybe just syncing the notepad is the best I'll be able to do?

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    I do this all the time. I either enter a ToDo in Outlook or in 2Day including the phone number. When you open the ToDo in 2Day, simply tap on the number and it dials. I assume you'd have the same functionality if you use Palm Desktop.
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    Have you ever tried Agendus -

    It also has a desktop companion - a Outlook plugin module making it easy to keep data in sync.
    Agendus has a Contact history log which is most convenient if you need to track down your history with your contacts....
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    I've been looking for this too. I had been using HanDbase, and created my own form, which was great, but HanDbase does not work well with the Treo (no d-pad functionality). So it got too slow to drag out my stylus to move around fields. I haven't found a good work around yet. It would be great to be able to make an item from the call log into a TODO item that let you make notes on it. I looked at CallFilter, but that's not being supported any more, if I'm correct. I even tried BugMe notes and created a template, which was fine, but not great because I then had to drag out the stylus to write out the information long hand. Hope someone has a slick solution. Thanks.
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    I use the built-in ToDo list, under a category I creatively entitled "Calls." Set the options to show/don't show completed tasks as you wish, record completion date, etc.

    For dialing the number from the ToDo list, I use FieldPlus.
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    OK...I've tried this and it seems to work sufficiently enough (though I'm not quite satisfied). I use DateBk 5, so I created a "TODO" task, set it as a template (with a "note" that has the info I need and all I need to do to get my next VM is "menu Q enter"), set some shortcuts with "ShortCut5" to quickly enter common data (dts for when I got the VM, the disposition of the VM, etc.), and I can call the number directly from the TODO list with MarknDial. I know I'm spoiled, but there still has to be a better way to do this...or maybe not.
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