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    Does anyone have any experience with using those little siicone skins for your Treo? Spacifically I'm looking at the Speck ToughSkin. Coming from the 7135 I really don't have a lot of experience with cases/skins.

    I was also looking at the P6 horz. holster. It looked like from the reviews, that it was the best of the bunch. Having never used either of these, I'm really shooting in the dark.

    I'm a firefighter/EMT, and my work enviroment is very much less than sterile. so I need protection for the phone mostly when it's not in use. I like the idea of a silicone cover for the shock resistance, but if it's gonna be a pain every time I go to use the phone forget it. Also the skin looks a bit to much like a comdom to me...

    Just wondering if anyone had any thought on the different types of holsters/skins out there?


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    I use a skin. It is OK in quality--cut a bit ragged around the screen, and now developing a slight tear in one corner of the screenhole due to me yanking it off all the time to cradle the Treo.

    Plus: it fits in my pocket. No falling out. Big plus: no dings at all on my Treo (yet). Minus: the on/off for the cradle and sync. Also the aesthetics that you note.

    I rate the aesthetics of a holster worse than the aesthetics of a translucent skin. My opinion only.

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