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    I am looking a buying the tom tom 5 bundle vs. mapopolis. I have two questions hopefully someone can help me with...

    1. Does tomtom 5 do an auto reroute if you go off course or does it tell you to just turn around?

    2. Can you load maps onto sd card and if so is it quick to map a route or does it take time? Can you put program on sd or does it have to be on phone...

    Thank you...someone please help...
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    1. It may tell you to turn around at first. But, after just a short while, it will reroute.

    2. You have to put maps on SD card. They are too big to put internally. When installing, I chose other location, or something like that, and placed the maps on my hard drive. I then copied the maps I needed to use to my SD card via my reader. The program is very quick to map a route. I have not done long routes at once. I generally map to the next major city when navigating instead of mapping all at once. I would be easy to set it all up in advance. I'm just too lazy. I have the program on phone and on SD card.
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    Thank you JohnH59. I apreciate the information, and the help. i guess I just need to make the final decision to buy it.
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    Check out the quick review I did for a little more info...

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    Thanks! A great review. But do you think the Mapopolis NavCard has resovled some the issues??

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