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    Is there a generic Mac-based tool to "down-convert" video files (such as those I might download from the Internet) to a good size for Treo playing with TCPMP or the Media application?

    I've seen reference to Handbrake, but it looks like it expects a DVD or TS_VIDEO folder as input... in this case the input is already an AVI file but one that has far higher resolution than necessary for the Treo.

    I've tried with one sample file (a 300-meg 624x352 file, codecs XVID for video and mpega for audio, which plays fine on my Mac with VLC) -- I dragged it to the Palm installation droplet, and I got a QuickTime error when it tried to convert ("QuickTime is missing software required to perform this operation"). It still did a conversion of some sort, and the resulting file (16 meg or so) did get moved over to the Treo -- but playing it just showed a blank white still image.

    AVIs I have that are already 320x240 convert, transfer and play just fine. They seem to use the DIV3 video codec instead.

    I'm totally new to fiddling with digital video files, so any thoughts on this or tools that might work would be appreciated.

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    Howdy-- I recently discovered for the Mac. It is fantastic! You can open video files, and then export them to a huge variety of formats, and change settings to tweak them.

    I've discovered that by exporting to the .3gp format, I can maintaing sound, sufficient quality, and get a reasonably small file (about 1 meg per minute). You can then use the palm app TCPMP to play the file (make sure you've downloaded the required TCPMP plugin as well).

    You can find the app here (and it's free!):
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    Tried using the program, was not able to get it to work, It seemed to pen the .avi file but when I played it there was a blank screen and no sound. Not sure what the problem was.

    MDH - did you ever get your question answered? I am having the same problem, not sure how to compress large .avi files (that do NOT play in quicktime, only play on VLC) down to a smaller size to watch on Treo.

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    anant -- I Googled a bit and found some articles that discussed using ffmpegX to do this. I downloaded it and it did the job perfectly -- and was extremely easy to work with.

    Hope this helps!
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    That's the one to use! FFmpegx.
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    I've downloaded TCPMP but it won't play back MP4 files anymore...the latest version says it is "disabled due to intellectual copyright"
    So what are people using to play back mp4 files now?

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