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    So I just tried to download a prc file someone posted on here from blazer but it saved it as "attachment.php" to my sd card.

    I then tried to rename it using filez, but it seems as though filez won't allow renaming of files on the sd card.

    How does one save prc's from here? Furthermore, once I figure out how to save the file correctly, how do I go about installing it?

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    FileZ will certainly let you rename a file on the card; that's just what you have to do for these "attachment.php" files downloaded from here. What problem are you encountering during the renaming process?
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    Once you have it named .PRC move it to RAM and it's installed. If you email it to your Treo then you will see it as an attachement and when you highlight it and select it with the center 5 way nav key it will show a progress bar and them say installed.
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