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    Please help...
    treo 650-hot sync cable-mac powerbook-MAC os x.3

    here's the details...THANKS!!

    HotSync 3.2.1 started 10/23/05 1:22:37 PM
    Local Synchronization
    OK Install
    OK Voice Memo
    To Do List did nothing
    Tasks synchronization failed
    “Tasks” failed (error = #16397)
    OK Media
    OK Note Pad
    OK Memos
    Memo Pad did nothing
    Date Book did nothing
    Contacts synchronization failed
    “Contacts” failed (error = #16397)
    Calendar synchronization failed
    “Calendar” failed (error = #16397)
    Address Book did nothing
    OK Install
    Backed up EAContentDB.pdb
    Backed up CarrierProfiles2.pdb
    Backed up Queries.pdb
    Backed up FrameworkDB.pdb
    Backed up CSRecordOutEAContentDB.pdb
    Backed up CSRecordOutSyncFiledDB.pdb
    Backed up CSRecordOutSyncInboxDB.pdb
    Backed up MMIDCache0.pdb
    Backed up MultiMail Messages.pdb
    Backed up MultiMail Attachments.pdb
    Backed up HSTraceDatabase.pdb
    Backed up midataidcache.pdb
    Backed up NetworkProfiles2.pdb
    Backed up SMS Msg Database.pdb
    Backed up Blazer URL Autofill.pdb
    Backed up Blazer Field Autofill.pdb
    Backed up ConduitMonitor.prc
    Backed up PhoneCallDB.pdb
    Backed up Blazer Cookies.pdb
    Backed up psysLaunchDB.pdb
    Backed up Graffiti ShortCuts.prc
    Backed up Saved Preferences.prc
    OK Backup
    Last sync time and PC ID updated on handheld
    HotSync Complete 10/23/05 1:23:11 PM
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    Did a hard reset...worked once then bad memory message????
    Anyone know off hand what the TREO support phone # is?

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    Maybe this helps you.....

    Sync interruption

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    It Worked! Thank You!
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    Sorry if this has been discussed, but I did search for a while and found nothing:

    My phone's contacts disappeared. I am synching to try and restore, but I keep getting:

    Contacts synchronization failed
    “Contacts” failed (error = #16397)

    I do not know how to fix this. 650 isn't even showing any user other than my Sim card up at the top.

    Any help please? No contacts kind of screws up my work!

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    V > Vx > m505 > m515 > T/T > T3 > TC > 650 > 680
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    Still hasn't worked for me. It seems that the contact portion on my 650 is out completely. If I go to contacts on my 650, the screen goes blank, there is no user option, and I can only select "sim contacts" from the pull down. Even trying to hit the 'new contact' button does nothing but go to a blank screen.
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    I was getting the same error message so I did a quick Google search for the error number.

    I found this post:

    which solved the problem beautifully for me.

    Just in case that link doesn't work, here's the solution if you have Wireless Sync set up on your Treo 650:

    1. Go to Wireless Sync.
    2. Access the menu.
    3. Choose Setup and then Connection Settings.
    4. Click on Advanced... in the bottom righthand corner.
    5. Check the box that says "Enable other sync apps"
    6. Exit out of Wireless Sync.

    Now, run a HotSync and sit back with a smile on your face as it works!!
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    Thanks jurismorte! Problem solved, it's been driving me crazy for a couple of weeks. I have a Treo 700p with Verizon service. HotSync was working until I started to set up the Wireless Sync on the Treo, but I didn't put the events together until I read your post.

    In reading the thread I noticed some folks seem confused about HotSync and Wireless Sync. Wireless Sync is only on the Treo--check under 'w' in the 'All' menu of Applications (the house).

    On the 700p Verizon model the 'Connections Settings' are called 'Connection...' and are located in 'Settings' instead of 'Setup.' From there the directions are the same.

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    I am having almost the same problem, but the solution isn't working for me.

    all have error #16397

    On my Treo 650 (verizon) I went through the following path:
    Wireless Sync / Settings / Sync Settings / To Do List Settings / Options

    There were no "advanced" options. Only when I tapped the "Settings" button in the lower right hand corner it gave me an "Options" window with the option to "Share database with another conduit (slower)"

    I selected that option and tried to re-sync, but no luck. Same error.

    To add to the confusion:

    1. In "Wireless Sync Settings" on my Treo the to-do list is listed as "To Do List."

    2. In the main view on my Treo the to-do list is called "Tasks."

    3. In the desktop "Conduit Settings" there are conduits listed for both "Tasks" and "To Do List."

    I've tried various configurations of "synchronize" and "do nothing" as well as various selections in the "Wireless Sync" of on/off and "sync other conduits." Still, no luck.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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