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    Benn trying to get Directory Assistant to work.

    First of all I have the newest version 3.2.1.

    I downloaded it to my SD card. Put in a residential search and I get an error saying

    Error in
    call, result code:4626

    Then it says it cannot open socket

    Then Error executing Query!

    Well I am using T-zones. Under proxy settings for DA I put the proxy settings for t-zones in there w/ the port at 8080.

    Still can't get it to work.

    Anyone have any ideas for me?
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    I have mine mounted I the system memory, don't know if that would make a difference or not. Also, try deleting it and reinstalling. I had a problem with my DA once and that helped clear things up. If you still continue to have problems contact Rick, he'll get right back to you.
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    I don't know, but do you know if DA is suppose to run from the card?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gapost
    I don't know, but do you know if DA is suppose to run from the card?
    It runs fine from mine.

    The original poster's problem is related to either the proxy information he's providing or a problem with using T-Zones in his area instead of the Unlimited Internet plan. I use the latter plan, so I won't be much help, I'm afraid.
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    Directory Assistant 3.21 keeps returning truncated results for me.. I guess I'll have to watch for a new version..
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    I got it working. It runs from the SD card for me.

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