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    i have a 600 (getting 650) and i am trying to set up imap client, rather than client-side redirector. I know my company has an imap email, because i asked them, and i get my mail from any web browser by going to Then i login with my email address and my NT password, and i have access to all my work emails.

    so i tried to set up IMAp for wireless sync, adn i keep getting an error, saying that some info or another is incorrect.

    for the record, i am moving from a blackberrry, and when i set up with webclient with them, all they needed was my email address and password, and the link (15 minute push) was up and running.

    Is there something i am missing with this, perhaps some info that would be helpful?

    thanks in advance.
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    Try ChatterEmail at

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    I can echo the Chatter suggestion. I have Chatter to get my company email via IMAP. Easy setup. Works flawlessly. And I can do web access though I only do that infrequently, because I now don't need to.
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    can i send video with chatter ? it looks good and easy to use.
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    i would love to get chatter as everyone here ialways suggesting, however, it didnt seem to work as well for me. It didnt send any of my emails and didn't download as advertised. it seems to also connect all the time and the battery issues follow. i may not have set it up correctly, but i answered all the fields. wireless sync seems to be pretty efficient with battery usage and the imap piece SHOULD work, if only i could figure it out.
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    Try using Aileron mail it is designed to help mobile users manage and balance their corporate and personal email management needs using one single handheld device, with bi-directional support for attachments. Aileron provides email management for individual users using Internet mail access protocols like POP3, IMAP4, with or without SSL, and also provides access to portal mailboxes like AOL, MSN/Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail.

    Feel free to reach us at for a live and interactive chat support.
    Tim K
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    eldiablo - Given that thousands of users don't have that problem, I'd bet there IS a setup issue. Feel free to contact me at or visit the boards at


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