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    I am currently using the latest chatter and verichat betas (verichat .69 i believe the palmgear one that was floating around) Has anyone come up with a better solution then checking off disconnect n/w on exit? Its annoying the crap outta me but has cut down on my resets. I need to use verichat in SMS mode otherwise i miss calls and drain batt hard. Chatter ofcourse stays on all the time for push and becuase its my fav. palm app ever. If anyone has any solutions or if i need to send a log report for chatter or verichat (not sure howto get a log from verichat) I can try and provide. Thanks

    - Back to the T650 after PPC ruined me for a few months
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    weird. are you cdma? I use chatter and verichat all the time with chatter syncing 1 imap box all the time, 2 imap boxes every 30 minutes, and 1 pop box also every 30 minutes. I usually keep verichat on all day with it in data mode and easily get through a 16 hour day with 30 -40% to spare usually.

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