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    Hello super-smart Treo community:
    Please help. My phone crashed inexplicably yesterday (white screen) causing me to have to do a soft reset. After reset however, DTBK5 was killed as was all of my calander data Went home to try to hotsynch and cannot synch calander. All of the data appears intact on the Palm Desktop but when I synch I get this message in my hotsynch log:

    "Calendar synchronization failed"

    tried reloading DTBK5 but didn't help. Please, please, please advise as I'm doomed without my calander. Thank you for any help.
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    You can try to delete the calendar database on the device using a program like FileZ, then hotsync with desktop overrides handheld.
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    Same problem happened to me after a bad sync. If you are using outlook or Palm desktop, check on your PC your time/date (lower right corner) right click & then adjust date time, click on TIME ZONE. If you do not have a time zone, thats your problem.. there are registry fixes (google) that will fix your registry, then calendar sync wil work just fine..

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