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    Has anyone done any "surgery" on their Krusell case? If so how did it turn out? Just got one in and I see how everything doesn't quite fit in the holes properly.

    Has anyone made any openings bigger or new ones to make the case work better?

    Cut out the screen? If so how does it turn out?

    Thinking about doing some cutting but wanted to see if others had done it first.
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    When I first got mine, the bottom cutout was so bad I could not connect the sync cable to the Treo at all. Had to take a hobby knife and just cut the hole bigger. It wasn't pretty but worked.
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    I used the scissors that are part of most Swiss Army knives to tweak some of the cutouts. They worked great. Made very precise cuts.

    The one thing I never liked about the Krusell was the inaccessiblity of the SD card. So I separated the seam at the top, creating sort of a flap. Then I glued on a little black velcro to secure it. I think it turned out real well.
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    I never liked typing through the plastic on the keyboard (I use it alot...22 wpm with that little program :-)

    So I cut it out.
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    Yep, I modded mine into a running case. Pictures are floating around here somewhere
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    I took out the leather patch in the back to make it clipless.

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