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    I'd like to have a second small/light phone for the occasions I don't want to carry my Sprint T650. I guess I could add the second phone to my account, and forward all calls to the second phone, but (a) it is awkward, and (b) when I return a call, it wouldn't show as coming from my number.

    If I could clone my T650's ESN to the second phone (and program my phone number to it), then all I need to do is turn off the Treo and turn on the second phone. Since I am still using my account and have only one phone on at a time, it would be legal. Or, I should say, hard to prove illegal.

    So... Is it still possible these days to clone CDMA phones? Where/how would one try to do this, without getting into too shady circumstances? Or even better, has anybody gotten Sprint to cooperate in something like this? I know Verizon at some point a few years ago allowed two ESNs on the same phone number, but I don't think they do any more...
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    Simply put, NO. Not possible. A very knowledgable hacker in qualcomm chipsets and specs might pull it off. But it's nothing you will be able to accomplish if you have to ask at all. CDMA cloning is something that is just not possible without a LOT of expertise in modern day engineering of the devices.
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    plus it is illegal.
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    I've wondered this too - it would be great to have this option.

    But if Shadowmite has spoken then I'd trust him over anything Sprint would ever tell me.

    Sprint has a hard enough time figuring out how to accurately bill their customers or not wrongly cut off service... toss a question like this at them and as you discuss it you'll soon wish you could put a drill through the phone and straight into your ear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by adamstew
    plus it is illegal.

    Which is why this thread is now locked!
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