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    It looks interesting and I like the low profile clip. The detachable clips always cause the case to stick out too far from the waist.

    I'm hesitant for fear that the Treo will be prone to slipping out.
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    Check out this new leather pouch+skin combo that Sena Cases has. Very nice, just ordered a red combo for my wife and a tan combo for me.
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    Thanks cgordonn, just what I needed........

    another case!!!

    Ordered the blue/black pouch with blue skin.

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    coppertop if the ratcheting swivel is not loose you shouldn't have to worry about the phone slipping out, I wouldn't wear it horizontal unless it has an over the top clasp. If the racket is loose it might spin easily and drop the phone.

    Do those Sena pouch cases have a clip on the back?
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    MAN, those Sena cases are hot!

    Gonna have to beg the wife later to let me get another T650 essential.
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    This is even better.... the combo Course, I understand you guys might not be excited about the "blue"
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    WOW!!! I screwed that up. Someone will have to teach me these things one of these days.

    Tem, (or anybody with this bit of intelligence) how do you post a pic in the message like that??

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    There is a picture icon in the post window that allows you to link to an online picture. So first there has to be a picture online that your going to link to. You have to right click on the picture out there on the internet and go to properties and copy the url, that is what you put in the text field of the pop up you get when you click the picture icon on the post page.

    The pictures url has to end in an image file extension such as jpeg, bmp or gif. If it does not you would have to post the pic on the internet yourself by copying it to your computer and then loading it on a server such as photobucket which is free.
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    Thanks, Tem. Guess I'll just keep on posting the link. And do a better job of resizing it, hopefully.

    The combo skin/pouch is still awesome!!

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    I have been using my daughter's 3rd Gen iPod case. It similar in design principle and works very well. I got the idea from a post on the forum.
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    the case mentioned in the first post looks awesome! i think i just might give in
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    I bought the Hardshell case from Naztech, supposed for the 650, but I've found it to be way too tight. The leather looks like it might not be that bad - but beware.

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