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    I'm looking at getting a Tom Tom for my 650, and have a couple of questions.

    First, how easy is Tom Tom to view on the small screen of the 650. Is the lack of real estate a problem?

    Second, I have a Verizon 650. Are there any issues using Tom Tom's Bluetooth connectivity with Verizon Treos?

    Thanks ahead.
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    Great, no and no.
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    I thought the screen size would be a problem too, and recently started using Tom Tom on me Treo. Not a problem at all, the only time I would think it would be a problem, maybe if you had your Treo mounted on the passenger side for some reason. Even in that case the print is bold at the bottom which tells you which street to turn on and in what direction .
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    I second the comments. Screen size is no problem at all. TomTom is excellent in most respects. The only real negative is the installation process which is terrible. But there are plenty of threads on TreoCentral walking you through it. Buy it, you'll like it.

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