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    zelgo aka God's Gift to the Working Man - I finally get it! It's wrong to help people with their problems! So when somebody has an issue with battery drain, for example (which can usually be resolved without much trouble), I would do better to keep my mouth shut about it? Or at least wait a while and let them stew a bit so I don't appear to be too aggressive? Is that it? And other readers should also do that, right? Am I getting close?

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    If all else fails, simply log onto the web and use the following address to login to AOL:

    This website is optimized for retrieving AOL mail, withOUT the huge graphics, ads, and other junk.

    Regarding VersaMail, overall it gets the job done for general email usage. I don't like the program much, although it does have some virtues to it...the biggest one is that it's free. There are quirks about it. Biggest peeve is the deleting of emails that comes back to life again. There is a correct method of deletion, and the wrong way...very strange. Also, I could never get VersaMail to automatically retrieve new emails at a predetermined time...this feature never worked right for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zelgo
    As for complaining about people answering "Chatter" to nearly every question on TreoCentral about emails... those "people" who shill about Chatter seem to be you guys...over and over and over again.
    Don't you think that this is evidence that supports the argument that it is an outstanding program

    Quote Originally Posted by zelgo
    When someone claims that Chatter takes up too much memory or drains too much battery,
    You are is someONE. It's fairly rare and Marc works with you to find out why. Does it drain the battery? On CDMA's phones it drains it but that is the price I am willing to pay for PUSH email. If someone doesnt want to pay that price, then qsync it every hour.

    Quote Originally Posted by zelgo
    I can always count on an immediate post from one of you about how they MUST be wrong because you have no problems at all.
    Arguably if you are in the minority of Chatter users, then the burden is on you to find out why it's not working as well as it is for the majority of users. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with that. (BTW-Marc is an IM, PM or email away...and if you take the responsibility to find out why, then he is there to help).

    Quote Originally Posted by zelgo
    But, of course, I'm just a troll who has no idea what I'm saying...
    I don't think you are a troll...but I do think what you are saying is not very logical.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    and like Internet Explorer on their be it.
    What's wrong with IE (Long live windows! And your new avatar is way below my expected standard that you set after the Maximus one. )
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    Quote Originally Posted by zelgo
    those "people" who shill about Chatter seem to be you guys...over and over and over again.
    I don't really understand what your *beef* is with Chatter. I have used MANY, if not all, the email applications that are offered for the Treo and I have found that Chatter, by far, is the best one. Sure, one could use VersaMail and get by just fine, but Chatter does offer quite a bit, plus support that is unmatched by any other competitor.

    I have a number of friends that use their Treos for email on a daily basis. I have found the people that only poll their email at specified times, tend to like VersaMail (mostly because it's free), but for those of us that *rely* on "push" email we prefer Chatter.

    For most, I think it's a matter of preference and cost. But if anyone were to ask me which email client has the best support coupled with the best feature set I would have to say Chatter, like many have here.

    Zelgo, I wouldn't get down on those of us that tout Chatter, because it's claims are REALLY true--great features, great support and all for a decent price. The unfortunate truth is, I know of no competitor I can say that about.
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    I like to put my two cents in here. I converted from Snappermail to Chatter about six months ago. With a Custom ROM I removed VersaMail and Active Sync and since then the resets have disappeared. I am very happy with my solid Sprint PCS phone and a solid Email client.
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