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    Quote Originally Posted by StevenChoi
    Is that with PalmPDF moved to SD Card ?
    I just installed this program. I synced over the prc and followed the installation instructions. The program automatically installed the font files on the SD card. I then used Zlauncher to move the rest of the program to the card. There is an option through the program to move most of the files to the card. I don't know, however, if it frees up the same amount of memory as using Zlauncher.
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    I simply put my SD card in my PC and copied the pdf file directly to it under no file category. I open palmpdf and it was easy to find/open.
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    When I said Snapper works, I mean using the app's built-in move-to-card function, not using ZLauncher.
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    I don't use Zlauncher. Moving the bulk of the application using the method built-in into PalmPDF is good enough for me.
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