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    Thanks for your time in helping me out. I don't want to wait for Cingular to pick up the new 700 model and would like to purchase a 650 now. However, I need to be able to sync with my Exchange server email account like I have on my SMT5600.

    I realize that the 650 can only sync directly with the Exchange Server 2003 for inbox and calendar. Not getting my contacts connected would be a pretty big step backward.

    Does anybody have a recommendation? Is it possible to sync directly with Exchange for inbox and calendar, then sync with the desktop (Outlook) for my contacts? Any advice is appreciated because outside of this issue, getting a 650 seems like a no-brainer.
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    You can sync your inbox & calendar, using Versamail. For your contacts, you can use the built-in Outlook contacts conduit. Note that this will not sync your global address book. If you need your global address book, you'll have to copy the information into your contacts, then sync (or you can put it in a separate folder and use PocketMirror XT to differentiate the two).

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