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    Doing a forums search here (maybe not a very good one), I find reference to a few programs that could be used to disable the sounds the Treo 650 makes (in my situation, at night). What I'd like, is a program that disables email sound at night, but will allow me to still hear the phone ring when a call comes in. Do any of these programs allow this, or is there something else someone recommends? Here are the programs I found here, but didn't see mention of this in my search:




    The description of ScheduleCare seems to allow this, but I'm wondering if someone has a preference for one program or another.

    Thanks for any help.
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    What email app are you using? Most allow you to set the incoming mail alert; just set it to 'none'.
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    Thanks for the reply. For personal use, right now I'm using Versamail, but will likely switch to Chattermail. For my corporate email, we have Verizon's wireless sync program, that gets message pushed from our Exchange server somehow. It's funny how the easiest solutions are right in front of your eyes. I was able to go into each program and change the settings so they only sync during the day (although I couldn't find an option to have them still sync at night, but not play the alarm). I guess a profile manager would still be kind of nice, because when I'm sitting at my desk I'd like to have some sort of "in the office" profile so that Outlook and my Treo aren't both chirping at me.
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    Chattermail has a silent notification mode. I use it all the time.
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    None of the profile/sound control programs I have tried work with either Chatter or Versamail and I've tried everyone of them. I switched to Chatter because you are better able to control the sound and have a vibrate notification as well.
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    actually, chatter has a sleep hours preference, so you can have a period of time that chatter won't do set it up in the Other tab of the individual account prefs.
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    I had the same issue. Running Profiles allowed me to control the sounds but wouldn't stop the vibrate notification. I ended up solving the problem by shutting down Chatter at night. When I wake up, I just hit the email button and everything downloads in a few seconds. That leaves the entire device silent at night except for the phone.


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