Hi all,

I've been using BackupMan & BB:VFS for a long time now, but have heard alot of good things 'bout Resco Backup. I've just began using it, because I like the added functionality of the incremental backups and the more flexible way of doing things. Added bonus is they seem very knowledgeable in forums and in documentation and I absolutely *love* Resco Explorer and Resco Viewer.

I was wondering who else is using Resco Backup and what your backup projects are? How many have you defined, what do they backup, when are they scheduled etc etc. I'd like to hear tips and strategies.

For the sake of staying ontopic, please limit this thread to discussing only Resco Backup and not any of the other backup programs out there. There are a gazillion other threads on those topics (comparision, 'my app is better than yours', etc).

Thanks for answering and I'm really curious how ppl use this program.