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    Some months ago, I installed a demo version of Quicksheet 3.0. After the trial period (I wasn't so happy about it), I removed it from my Visor.
    Some weeks ago, I wanted to try out the demo version of Quicksheet 5.0 but after installation, I get the message that my 14-day trial period is over.
    Obvious, this was referring to the demo version 3.0 wich means not everything was removed.

    Anyone who can help me ?

    P.s. Installing the Quickword demo version was no problem.
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    I'm not sure this means the program wasn't deleted. It is highly possible that a license that would have worked with QS 3 will work with QS 5 and so the minute you installed QS 5 it reminded you that this license previously entered on your device had expired. If you pull up your menu and there is no QS 3 in there and there is no weird memory figure you can't account for, I would consider QS 3 deleted and think it is just a license prompt due to the fact that if it had been a permanent license or if you were still within your trial license time period that it would have automatically worked with QS 5. All you'd need to do then is request a new trial license. The other reason I think this is all that is going on is if you had QS 3 in your device and then downloaded QS 5, it probably just downloads right on top of the other program as an upgrade ... so if you really didn't delete QS 3 correctly or completely, it's essentially gone now anyway. I don't know all this for certain, but I'm about 95% sure. Hope that helps alleviate your concern.

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