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    Quote Originally Posted by dsnub
    Just because some of the other posts mention this might cause it to overheat. I personally have never had any issues with this (knock on wood) but I also don't ever use a case : ). The main point was has anything changed since you started having the problem. major changes except adding/deleting few softwares...
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    Man. EV-DO usage seems to make my screen go dim waaaaay faster. (on a 700p)
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    Quote Originally Posted by rhlb
    My treo did this for the first time after 6 months use recently. It was in the charger and when I pulled it out it was very hot. Soft reset and a fiddle with the brightness control and all went well again. Hasn't happened since.
    That wild. I just experienced the exact thing after about 9 months.
    Nothing new added. Just sitting in the cradle and did a hot sync. Noticed the screen was very dim. Touched the unit and it was extremely hot.
    After it completed the hot sync I pulled the the battery and it was extremely hot.
    Waited for the battery to cool, about 5 minutes and put it back in the unit.
    All is well again.

    I think it's the battery over heating. Whick means that's dangerous as it could explode.
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    Anyhear of th palm pulling the treo in Europe due to overheating.
    Found this on google.,00.htm
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