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    This is my second Treo, after the first one had reception problems.

    I synced up twice with Hotsync to test everything, ran the 1.04 Verizon Updater...

    You know how it says that it will reboot then you are supposed to click next?

    Mine reboots and never stops... This is really starting to get irritating.

    I have tried a hard reset, that does not appear to do anything.
    (Unless I'm doing it wrong? I wait till I see the Palm screen with the loading bar, then press the power button, then the reset button until I see the grey palm screen... then I release the power button, and press the up arrow for a hard reset. I then release the reset button, and it reboots... and reboots... and reboots... and reboots... and re... you get the picture.)

    Please for the love of CHRIST help me.
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    Do a search for "warm reset." Specifically designed to break the reset loop.
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    Yesterday while running chatter I had a reset just as an email arrived and it went to a loop weird I know. But I did a warm and I could navigate but as soon as I went to chatter, bang back to resets. So I did a hard reset and reinstalled-same thing. finally did a hard reset and reinstalled everything program by program. I then reinstalled Chatter fresh from the site and I am smooth sailing again.

    Hard Reset - Rest Up and Power Button then release and then it will tell you to push up to delete.

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