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    So I was travelling to Boston this past week, and was amazed to see all the Treo 650's out there in the airport-world. Amazing, really.

    Anyway, I sat next to two different people (at different times on the trip) with a Verizon treo 650, like mine.

    I noticed that their software and top-row icons (for things like signal strength and battery life) were different than anything I've seen.

    The software (for things like email and datebook functions) had subtle shades of blue and brown. Both said that they didn't know if they had non-oem software installed on it, and they seemed uncomfortable with me playing with their treos to check it out.

    But then I noticed that the top row of icons were different.

    *MY* signal strength indicator has a little green set of arrows above the "steps" when data is moving, and they turn grey when the data is in idle mode. *THEIRS" actually had the word "data" appearing OVER the little stairsteps. Where *I* have a battery-level icon, *THEY* had a red square, and I couldn't make out if there was any text on it. I'm pretty sure that I continued to see these new icons even when in the default Launcher.

    So, does anyone know what I was seeing there? Does this sound like some super-duper third party app, or is this somethign else?

    Progress? Well, at least I can get color traffic maps now...
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    This sounds to me like Good Technology's enterprise software, although I don't have an ad in front of me to confirm this now. The red square is their logo, with the word "Good" inside. Your seatmates were corporate drones -- they probably never use anything but Good and the phone.
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    That definitely sounds like a GoodLink screen. I have GoodLink as well but since I also use the Treo for movies, MP3, remote control, airline flight schedule lookups, directory assistance, video games, voice recording, TV watching, RSS reading, IM, and the web, I think I've morphed into a higher life form than a drone.
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    Thanks for the pointer, guys. I went to their website at and that's what I was seeing.

    To the two people I was speaking to, this was pretty much the only thing they ever used for EVERYTHING on their treo. I'm inclined to believe these were the corporate drones I was speaking to, rather than the Treo power user.

    On the other hand, they said they liked it and used it all the time. When advanced computing power is so easy that people don't know that it is advanced computing power, well, that strikes me as a good thing overall...

    Again, thanks for the info.

    Progress? Well, at least I can get color traffic maps now...
    Psion 3a -> Psion 3c -> Palm IIIXE -> Palm VIIx -> Kyocera 7135 -> Treo 650 -> Centro
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    I'm very happy with Good and for wireless sync email, it's been great. I hope the "drones" someday figure out what else the Treo can do. Otherwise, all they are using is basically a more expensive BlackBerry.

    I've tried to evangelize the ones I've run into so I can rise from "super geek" to "super mobile device guru hero".

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