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    I replaced my battery last night in my Treo 300. I took it apart very carefully, got the old battery out and put the new one in without a hitch.

    I think, however, in the process of opening up the phone, I must have done something to the antenna. I was getting great coverage before the battery change, but now I am not getting any bars in places where I would previously get three or four!

    I noticed when I took the thing apart that the antenna is not really "connected" to the body of the phone with a wire. It seems to touch some metal thing when the two halfs of the phone are put back together. I am planning on taking the thing apart to see what I can do, but before I mess the phone up further, can anyone give any pointers about straightening out this problem???

    What is the deal with the antenna connection to the phone?

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    When I've opened my Treo 300 (or any of my SprintPCS phones) I've always paid attention to my antenna. Had an old QCP-2700 which a Sprint Tech was telling me was junk and the only problem was the antenna contacts needed to be cleaned and "bent" back into place. (It had somehow lost tension so it was hardly making contact.)

    Check the contact points for the antenna on the Treo. Make sure they are clean and make sure they lineup properly when you put it back togeather...

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