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    Back when ATT was around, there was a way to use mMode to triangulate someone and locate them. Can you do this with a treo????? Or must it be done with GPS
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    Such a feature is available overseas believe it or not. I was reading a report the other day and they said of you send an SMS to someone and they reply with yes you can get their location within 1km. That is impressive.
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    WOW. I would love to have this here in the States...
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    oh man that is soooo 24.
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    Well it wasn't triangulation. It used a software system that would let you find what cell tower you friend was using. The result is that you got the cross streets or address of the user's closest cell tower. In some cases ther is only 1 cell tower for most of an entire town so it didn't help muct. The feature was called "find friend." Unfortunaely it rarely worked. Most of the time you'd get "user can not be located" eve if they were standing next to you. No Cingular never licensed and deployed that software on their network, probabally because no one used it and it sucked so badly.
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