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    Can someone tell me how I can delete all of the addresses on my Visor, so as to just start over, so to speak? I have 100 or so and don't want to delete one by one.
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    The easiest way I know is to delete the Database file. Go delete the datebookDB file. That should take care of it.
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    There are a few tricks. Here are a couple:

    1) Mentioned is to delete your 'AddressbookDB' (database file from your computer) and then Hotsync. If you're using Palm Desktop for contacts you can 'select all' Address book records and delete. Alternatively you can navigate through your hard drive to the database file and delete it from there. It's normally in the 'Address folder' under your 'username' folder.. under 'Palm' etc..

    Either way you must have your Desktop (or Mac) overwrite the handheld as the conduit action for the next sync of the addressbook or you will not successfully remove the addressbook records.


    2) Try scribble-out. You can get this from PalmGear. Install it. Use it to instantly delete the addressbook records. When you Hotsync you'll have to set your next Addressbook hotsync conduit action to Handheld overwrites desktop (or Mac.) I keep scribble-out on my Visor when I want to quickly wipeout my todo list.

    If you don't sync (have a computer) you'll need to delete one by one, or get someone to beam you an app with a similar function as scribble-out's. Good luck
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    The easiest (and recommended)way to delere you address book is to start the Palm Desktop on your PC or Mac select all of the addresses and delete them. When you HotSynch, they are all gone. You don't need any fancy utilities or database editors.
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    In the above example I think you would have to make sure that you click on the hotsync icon at the bottom of your screen, select "custom" and then double click on "address book" and then make sure you have "desktop overwrites handheld" selected.

    Then do a hotsync. I believe the selection "desktop overwrites handheld" selection is only active for one hotsync.

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