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    First let me say "Hi." My name is Rich and this is my first post in your forum, although I have been visiting here ever since I got my 600.

    I have tried many of the browsers that I have been able to find and download, including, Opera, Eudora & Blazer. Unfortunately I have been somewhat disappointed in all of them. Not that they are terrible, but I certainly could find fault in each. Out of these I have found Blazer to do the best job rendering although Opera seemed to load much faster. Also, with Opera, I found I couldn't visit many websites.

    I would love to find a better way to view the web considering I spend so much time here. Just wanted to know what you guys thought. Thanks.
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    please search. you will find a wealth of information.
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    Unleashed: I don't know if there really is a 'best' browser. Everyone's needs are a little different. I want speed...I like Xiino. Others need the SSL capability to login for banks and such. Others need to download files or pictures with the browser.

    I think for most, they have Blazer and then use a 2nd browser to satisfy another need.
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    I think web pro works for the 600, its fast and nice looking

    Blazer is the pretty one
    Xiino is the fastest one
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tem
    I think web pro works for the 600, its fast and nice looking

    Blazer is the pretty one
    Xiino is the fastest one
    WebViewer used to be pretty fast....but it looks like you can't buy it any more.
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    If you can find WebPro, its the best for the 600 that you will find. Its actaully sometimes better than Blazer 4 on the 650. Either here or would have a link to find WebPro.
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    WebPro was my favorite, followed by Xiino.
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    Web pro works on the 600 and is for sale. I bought it a few weeks ago. I knew 650 users used web pro so I bought it. what I found out was that Web Pro does not work on the 650, only the 600. But there is a patched free version that works on the 650. I tried to get Handango to give me my money back but since it was a trial version they said "to bad so sad we've got your $34.00 bucks and you are SOL". In so many words

    here is Web pro for the 600

    Web pro for the 650 is in post #41 HERE I used 3.01a but I hate horizontal scroll bars.
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    BTW I've been using Web Pro for months now and everytime it ask for a registration code. I didn't buy it (in fact I just saw the Zip icon on my desk one day ) anyway, will it ever stop working b/c I haven't put a code in?

    Is this a trial version, or a fully functional version with a nag screen?

    Anyway WEB PRO is the way to go. Fast and clean, just watch the Normal view (no proxy) v. the Handheld view (with proxy). Lots of pages won't display going through the proxy.
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    Thanks for all the great advice. I'll give WebPro a try.
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