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    My Treo always Restarting !! .. cant do anything ... so can u tell me how to stop that prob. and entre to a palm applications !! .. its always restarting and restarting ... OMG i cant entre to palm ..
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    Quote Originally Posted by mstx
    My Treo always Restarting !! .. cant do anything ... so can u tell me how to stop that prob. and entre to a palm applications !! .. its always restarting and restarting ... OMG i cant entre to palm ..
    Try this.
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    Okaaaaaaaaaaay its working ! !

    really thx very much man .. i thought this prob. cant fix i was gonna send it to the shoP ..

    anyway i want to thank u again and again im happy ...
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    After doing a warm reset do you always have to do a regular reset? Since after a warm reset the palm is just running a limited set up.

    Is that right?

    So far the only thing I have used a warm reset for is to delete files that refused to be deleted.
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    uh oh ... i just entred to MENU home ... and i deleted 2 applications...then when i

    want to go back to MENU by pressing HOME button .. its restarting again. so i did

    again the warm reset and entred to DAILPAD ..and the service writen Phoneoff cant

    turn on i keep pressing the power nothing happen and when i press HOME button its

    restarting .. so any way to format or do somthing that have no prob. !
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    With a file manager move you saved preference file to the SD card and see if that takes care of it.
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    well im new in treo 650 and i didnt get u ! sorry :S

    FILE MANAGER where's that
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    Its not already on there. Are you able to DL this one
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    ok i put it in treo and i opened it ..wat to do with this file ?

    well sorry man ..i always posting in forum :S

    can u just give me ur msn so u can help me faster
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    I dont have MSN. Open the file manager, go to RAM or internal memory, select the "saved preference file" and move it to the card.
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    man :S:S .. wat do u mean by file manager.. this is the point i want to know

    i just want to know where is that
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    The Filez program is what he means by file manager.
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    R U there? Did it work?

    Since you said you deleted 2 apps I guessed you were guessing hey were the trouble makers but yo still got a reset, Well sometimes those apps leave bad extensions but that is usually resolved with a reset. But you still got a reset. This usually means the saved preference file became corrupt or there are bad leftovers from the files you deleted. If you view your saved preference file with resco explorer youd be surprised what long lost files are in there from applications you don't have anymore. So you can either edit the saved preference file or move it to the card so the system can create a new one. I say move to the card and not delete because you would want to save it just in case it doesnt solve the problem then you can move it back to internal and overwrite the new one. In this case there is probably a bad leftover from the files you deleted that you have to find.

    The best way to avoid this is to install "UninstallManager ", and read the Uninstall Mnager manual.
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    If you sync with a PC then you have a copy there so hen you can just delete the saved preference file from the internal memory.
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    Alright I started a MSN

    I guess this is my MSN handle -->
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    okay any way now its working and thx so much ... i hope there will be no prob.. and sorry guys about this asking too much u and i post too much ...

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    So you deleted your saved preference file and it stopped the resets?
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    yea i deleted some saved prefernce files ^_^ and its stop resets...

    anyway thx man
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    When you delete your saved preference file you have to re enter you registration codes for your 3rd party applications and reconfigure applications. Glad it worked
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