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    Quote Originally Posted by Tem
    Alright I started a MSN

    I guess this is my MSN handle -->

    Alright so now I have this MSN thing set up, for no reason,,,,,,,, can someone send me a message so I can check it out?
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    Ok i added u ^_^ ..
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    I tried to reply and got the error "the following message could not be delivered to all recipients".

    Any Ideas?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tem
    After doing a warm reset do you always have to do a regular reset? Since after a warm reset the palm is just running a limited set up.

    Is that right?

    So far the only thing I have used a warm reset for is to delete files that refused to be deleted.

    Warm Rest puts the Treo into debug mode with all extensions and hacks disabled. You should dial ##377 (sprint) to see the reset error dialog and then delete the offending app and then do a regular soft reset to put the device back into normal mode...
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    Do the ##377 while in warm reset mode or before?
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