If you search through my posts, I'm all about sound quality. As I work from home I always want to sound like I'm "in the office" no matter where I'm at. I love www.theboom.com but it's wired. Hands down it's the 100% noise cancelling amazing headset. But alas, bluetooth is where it's at.

I've tried the TWH (horrible noise cancelling), Plantronics Voyager 510 (not great noise cancelling) the Logitech Mobile and now have the HBH-300. The logitech and the HBH-300 are pretty equal in noise cancelling, I would say 75% of the boom. Meaning I'm able to take calls in my 99' suburban on the freeway (tons of road noise) and people think I'm in the office.

I've settled ont he HBH-300 because of battery life and pocketability. The Logitech is just too bulky. The HBH-300 is large, but it's thin so it fits in my front pants pocket and hasn't broken yet.

I've recommended it to plenty of friends, of course it needs the jabra eargel, but yesterday a friend complained on how large the unit was. AGreed the sound quality was top notch, but wanted something smaller.

In all the research I've done on this site, the HBH-660/HBH-662 is ok, but not great noise cancellation.

But now with the HBH-610 out, I'm wondering if this is gonna be the one that is as good noise cancelling as the 300 but smaller?

Or is there any other headset out there that can beat or equal the HBH-300 in noise cancellation, and is smaller?
Today I was at costco on a call and the other person thought I was in the office, I love this headset. It connects fast, it's comfortable, sounds great, and the battery life (10 hours) is great. Realistically though I probably get 2 day standby and 4 hours talk.... But I charge it every night and know that I'll never run out of juice that day on a call.

Sorry for the long post, I'm just hoping there's something better or equal, but smaller.