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    If someone made a *simple* app to *just* control the LED when new VM is present, I think Treo Users would pay $5 and be happy. I think the developer would be happy too with all those new $5 bills flowing inward.

    Anyone up to the task? There are just way too many complex apps out there that just scare people away.

    Does anyone agree with me?
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    Try Hobbyist Software App called Butler. Does more than that. I set my LED to be off as the default, but to flash fast green when a new VM is there.
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    Again, too much app. But thanks for the suggestion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pinfante
    Again, too much app. But thanks for the suggestion.
    i was tired of searching for an app to do his so i broke down and bought butler. yes it does more than i need, but its a good price (with the 20% off at handago using this code JCHON20OFF) and it does what i need it to do very well. it has other features i have yet to use, but i will get around to checkin em out one day (nice to have em if i ever need em i guess ) anyway if you dont find a solution , give butler a try.

    P.S. butler does the scroll thing u asked about in another thread . i app two problems solved.
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