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    Hello again,

    T650 Newbie here again... I am getting what appears to be crossed calls at least once per day on my phone. Caller ID tells me Joe-Schmo is calling, I answer and can hear a voice (no one I know) who can hear me also. In the meantime, the person actually calling me says the phone hangs up (one of my friends says it hangs up and my phone redials them, although this all happens without me even knowing it). Weird huh? Also having freezes occasionally when I attempt to answer incoming. I am trying to keep my alerts cleared right away bec I have read that contributes to the 2nd problem but has happened with no alerts as well.

    I'm in San Diego using an unlocked Cing T650 on ATT, apparently have the latest firmware. These issues were occurring before I added (just 3 days ago) StopDim and VolumeCare. All other apps came on/with phone.

    Has anyone else had this problem and/or do any of you Treo Genius People have advice? Dummy here, bought the thing (new) on EBay and no return option for me (oy, I'm blonde AND dumb!).

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    I would say try removing either StopDim or VolumeCare and see if that solved the problem. If it doesn't, remove the other program. I would say start with VolumeCare.

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    I haven't had this problem and don't use GSM, but it sounds like a problem with your Cingular/AT&T service, not your phone. I'd call -- aacck -- Cingular/AT&T tech support.

    As for the one friend who gets redialed, that's probably his line being slow to drop the connection and has nothing to do with your phone or service. My land line does that from time to time.
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