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    I have a very strange issue (yeah, don't we all...)

    At least once a day, I will check the Treo only to find that the screen is totally white. Pressing the application buttons results in an audible click, as does most other function keys, leading me to believe that it actually is still functioning. If I reset it, the problem persists. But, if I take the battery out for 3-5 minutes and reinstall it, the problem goes away.

    It seems to have happened much more frequently lately now that I've loaded up the Palm with various applications - before I primarily devoted it to the stock applications and Intellisync Mobile Suite, the wireless email system I maintain for my employer. But it still occurred even then.

    Has anyone else experienced this odd behavior?
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    YEah, it's called the dreaded WSOD (white screen of Death!!). It's happenning b/c some third party app you have installed is causing your Treo to hang. I've had this happen a lot recently using various beta releases of chatter for example. You probably will have to do some trial and error and figure out which one of the apps you recently installed is causing the WSOD...
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    it happened to my STOCK treo 650 though
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    It happened to me as well.

    My first treo lasted just over a year. The ear phone jack started thinking I had the hands free plugged in all the time. The sprint store replaced if was willing to sign up for the insurance, which of course I did.

    Over the two weeks that I had the replacement I got the white screen several times. The last time I got it I didn't pull out the battery (the only fix). Instead I took it to the store and got another replacement.

    For me it wasn't the software. There's been no new software added since I got the first replacement.

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