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    I have installed an application that I don't remember ID and password for. It's a freeware but I lost log in info for hotsync. So every time I hotsync it asks me for ID and PW which I no longer have. I would like to get rid of the app from the phone and from the PC I use to hotsync, then I may or may not reinstall the whole thing, not sure if I want that app yet.

    So can you please tell me step by step how to get rid of app from my Trep 650 phone as well as from PC ?
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    On the Treo: @ the Home Screen, Menu>Delete>Scroll to the app, select and delete.
    From the PC: Control Panel, add or remove programs
    From the backup folder on the PC that backs up your Treo's 3rd party software:
    Find the folder, (Programs>Palm>userid>Backup) using windows explorer, scroll the list of files contained in the folder, delete the desired app from the folder. In this way, this app would not "reappear" on your Treo, should you have to do a hard reset and a restore hot sync.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Thanks Perry. Much appreciated.
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