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    I installed Speak and so far it only speaks for 1 second. Is there a trick to this program?

    Is there more than one of these programs?
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    I Installed And It Will Only Read My Memos, Or Atleast Show My Memos, Then When I Hit Play It Restarts.. And I Can Not Get It To Read Emails Or Any Others
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    No resets here. I'm copying the the clip board and pressing a hard button to get it to read it.
    Play?, where do you hit play?

    I can get it to read anything I copy to the clip board but just the first second, it won't read from CutPaste5 which sux since the clipboard is small.

    This is a great idea, I'd be willing to pay for a more advanced program.
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    I give up on that PSpeak. I found this one--->Moose I works better than the other one but you cant pull it up in areas that do not allow the command bar so it wont read web pages, chatter email, palm reader books, and it caused a few resets.

    I guess no progress has been made in this area for palm. I read more about text to speeck for PPC than palm.
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    Why don't you all try HipTalk. Seems like a much more mature app than pspeak:
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    Requires 7 meg? Did I read that right? sheesh
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    Thanks ModeratorFunk,,,,,

    Definitely more stable,,,,,,,something else to play with for a bit
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    If you use Butler you can pull up the Command bar by a couple of different methods. It works in all apps I've tried including Blazer.

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